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First Nations Outreach, Inc.

The First Nations Outreach, Inc. non profit was first established in 1999 by Barbara Wisneski, an elder from the Onieda Nation of WI. Her daughter Jessica Wisneski saw a need to continue on with this legacy. After working with American Indian and Alaskan Native Youth for years, within her own urban community, she witnessed first hand how the discrimination and negative impact effected our Native Youth. Our children continue to be overlooked, not advocated for, and not getting the treatment they deserve within educational institutions, and our neighboring communities. 

No person among us desires any other reward for performing a brave and worthy action, but the consciousness of having served his nation! - Thayendanegea, (Joesph Brant) Mohawk, 1741-1807

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide resources to our American Indian and Alaskan Native families. To be a voice to advocate for our Indigenous Youth. To build a community, through developing a network that offers educational, cultural, social, and economic programs. These programs will encourage our Indigenous People to grow individually, help find purpose, and to positively impact the next seven generations and beyond.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to become the lifeline for American Indian and Alaskan Native families. Follow the path to First Nations Outreach, Inc. Come and connect with us and other Indigenous Community Members within the Sacred Circle. Continue on your journey within your culture!

We Need Your Support Today!

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