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About the Course

Come and learn from the Native American perspective on how to work with our Indigenous communities.

This workshop is to educate our administrative leadership departments on how to interact and work with your Native American and Alaskan Native community.

We will teach you about our ways and culture and how one's actions, words, or good intentions may not be received in the same way.

We will share with you what has been going on with American Indian education in Wisconsin, what has been overlooked, or forgotten, and what may still need to be addressed.

Learn about Memorandums Of Understanding, Title VI Indian Education Program - Federal Grant, Communicating and Collaborating with your Indigenous community, Building Connections with Native American and Alaskan Native families, What It Really Means to Be Diverse and Equitable, and Creating an All Inclusive Curriculum.

Education for Administration





Your Instructor

Jessica Wisneski

Executive Director of First Nations Outreach Inc. and Tribal Education Liaison.

Jessica Wisneski
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