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Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Welcome to Our Community,

First Nations Outreach, Inc.

We welcome you to our blog! In"Our Community"we hope to bring a safe space for both our Indigenous community and those who live in the surrounding areas to speak up, be heard, and share their story.

There are over 574 federally recognized tribal nations that reside within the United States of America, not to mention, even more that are not federally recognized. As well as, an additional 630 First Nations communities that reside within Canada. According to statistical data the American Indian and Alaska Native population reached 7,206,898 between July 2020 and July 2021, an increase of 74,291 people.

When I think of Turtle Island I think of all the diversity there is within our Indigenous community. We each have our own language, our own history, our own traditions, our own style of dance and clothing. We are all unique! Yukwatsistayʌ in the Oneida language translates to "Our Fire, Our Spirit, Within Each of Us"! This is one of the Oneida core values it's our ways Tsiʔniyukwalihó·tʌ.

We are here to share our culture and traditions with those in the surrounding areas: those who may not have been able to grow up on Indian Reservations; those who may have been in foster care, or adopted by a new family; for all those who may not be native and would like to learn about who we are.

We are not just alive in history books. We are not what you see in old western movies. We are your neighbors, or child's playmate at school, and college graduates. We are Athletes, Astronauts, Actors, Artists, Doctors, Judges, Musicians, Teachers, Business Owners, and on and on you can go. We are not all dead. We are still here. We are still alive.

We want to take the time to honor those in our community who are making a positive impact, advocating, educating, and investing in the next seven generations and beyond.

We encourage you to share with us, so that we can feature you in an upcoming blog, any accomplishments that you or a loved one have made in the Indigenous community across Turtle Island! Hosting Community Events, Graduating from High School or College, Qualifying to Attend the Indigenous Games, Placing in a Competition such as a Fine Arts Show, Publishing a New Book, Being a Change Agent Within Your Community, or an Educational Institution, etc.

If there is something that you feel proud of... feel free to share it with our Community!

Please take the time to say HI and introduce yourself. Share with us if you are an enrolled tribal member or have a family member that belongs to one of the 574 Tribal Nations that reside within the United States, or belongs to one of the 630 First Nations communities that reside within Canada. Those who are not native please tell us what brought you to our community.

We appreciate all your support!

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