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"Our Ways"

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Welcome to Our Community,

First Nations Outreach, Inc.

We welcome you to our blog! In"Our Ways" we will be sharing our traditional teachings with our Indigenous Community.

She·kú kyátʌ "Hello Friend",

"The Seven Grandfather Teachings"

The Seven Grandfather Teachings is one of our traditional teachings that I like to share with our Indigenous Youth. Our traditional ways are a very important part of who we are as Indigenous People. Some other traditional teachings I like to share with our young ones discuss the Sacred Medicine Wheel and the story of the Dream Catcher.

One of the many programs we hope to offer at our non-profit organization is an Intro to Beginners Language Class. You may see native language here and there throughout our blog. I am an enrolled tribal member of the Oneida Nation and will mostly use the Iroquoian Language. However, we hope to share the Algonquian and Siouan languages as well, they are the other native language families spoken within the state of Wisconsin.

We are always trying to incorporate traditional teachings that will be inclusive of all tribes. However, each tribal nation has different traditions, teachings, and ways of living. Please feel free to reach out to our organization about sharing your tribal nations traditional teachings with our community.

We will also try to include in our blog, any upcoming opportunities that we are aware of being held within our area or throughout Turtle Island. We will share the information of events focused on our traditional ways with the community. Please feel free to send us a message with any upcoming events that you may be aware of that we can share with others.

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