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Oral Traditions

In the Indigenous community many stories, life lessons, teachings, and languages are handed down by our elders from generation to generation through our oral traditions.

The Winter Solstice is a time for sharing our knowledge through stories. Most tribes did not tell stories until there was snow on the ground. It was during these times that they believed the earth and the spirits were asleep, with less risk of awakening any mischievous entities.

Oral traditions connect our past, present, and future they tighten bonds within tribal communities, and families, as well as, strengthen our cultural and spiritual connections. Our oral traditions hold our history, traditional knowledge, creation stories, cultural beliefs, and it keeps our native languages alive.

Oral traditions through storytelling educates our children, and helps them to develop lifelong morals and skills through listening, imagination, social, and emotional development. This is one way our people can connect with their ancestral roots. Through oral traditions like storytelling we are able to reclaim our histories, learn to respect every living thing, sustain our people, take care of and maintain the environment.

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